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It had never been in our plans or our dreams to move to another country. In fact, even the word "missionary" seemed to carry a negative connotation in our own minds. We first visited Haiti in 2010 with a short-term medical team. It was eye opening and a good learning experience, but we never thought we would return. Never say never. 


As years passed our hearts grew more and more in love with Haiti and the beautiful people that live there. 


In 2013, we committed to moving to Haiti. Leaving our careers, our home, our family and friends to live life in a new place. Our calling is really no different than any one else's. We simply said yes to the calling in our hearts to live in a foreign place as we attempt to live out our faith.

We both grew up in Michigan and were married in 2002. Shortly after being married we moved to Indiana where we finished our education and began raising our children. We lived there for 10 years before moving to Haiti.

Craig has a background in Christian Ministries and Business Administration. He is a strategic and analytical thinker who excels in systems and problem solving. After serving with Okipe and as the Country Director for Extollo International, a non-profit vocational training organization, he has taken a new role back in the States with Extollo as the Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Renee's passion is education and she is a gifted communicator. She not only homeschooled our own children, but over the years also taught other missionary children as well. She is very relational and loves connecting people to needs around her. She is now pursuing a 13 year dream of starting her own Play Cafe.


Our daughter Morgan, (age 13) and our son Jaron, (age 11) are driven by compassion, and God called both of their hearts to Haiti before calling ours. They make friends instantly and break down many barriers with ease. They have transitioned well back to the States and are enjoying learning this culture all over again.

Morgan loves music, singing and dancing. In Haiti, you would often find her helping our neighbors wash clothes, cook or sweep. Jaron is very creative and can often be found building crafts out of anything he can get his hands on or fixing something that is broken or taking something apart to learn how it works.

Bercy, HAITI

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The Janofski Family